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businesssaleThe types of auctions and methods of bidding are tied to the seller's goals, market conditions and property characteristics. We evaluate each property individually then develop a prospective buyer profile, where will we find the buyer and what structure will create comfort and motivated the profiled buyers to bid.

Live Auctions

Used where the buyers prefer to bid in person to buy the assets. This strategy is selected when the expectation is that the market is generally local. Our auction staff brings decades of experience and product knowledge from conducting live auctions for multiple asset classes throughout the country.

Webcast Auctions

Webcast auctions are used in conjunction with love open outcry auctions to allow bidders to participate over the internet in real time bidding. This technique removes barriers requiring all bidders to be on site and bid from distant locations in real time against on site bidders and creates more competition. The key to the success of this program is providing the bidders with enough information so that they make an informed bid and are committed to the purchase.

Online Only Auctions

Online only auctions are another technique used either when on site bidding maybe disruptive to an ongoing business concern or where the expectation is that the market for the assets being sold is geographically speaking, much greater than local.

Sealed Bid Auctions

Sealed bid auctions can be used when confidentiality either on the part of the buyer or seller is a significant factor to the sale or where a bulk sale is preferred.

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