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Our auction process is a detailed one so that everything that can be done has been done in order to create a market in which as many prospective purchasers as possible will participate.

Inspection and Review of Assets

Conduct a detailed inspection of all assets to be sold
Review and analyze all assets to determine strategy and marketing plan

Develop an Offering Strategy

Provide an array of offering strategies to meet our client's goals
Determine if the assets should be sold in a live auction on site, webcast or online auction, sealed bid or other bidding method
Determine lotting concept to maximize price and desirability of the assets

Develop a Marketing Budget

A successful auction is tied to marketing the assets to the right market of potential buyers. We develop a detailed marketing budget as part of the marketing plan in order to reach all potential buyers through print media, internet advertising, posting on an array of websites, trade publications, targeted direct mail, our own proprietary database, signage, public relations, and direct telephone solicitation.

Develop Marketing Materials

Order and install signage
Create a special page on our website for each auction
Prepare descriptive information for our website and other websites
Create a customized direct mail program
Develop display advertising for print and electronic media

Implement the Marketing Plan

Release all advertising to the media
Distribute all targeted direct mail
Post auction on various websites

Prepare Assets for Auction

Lot all assets in a manner that will maximize value, catalog all items including detailed descriptive information

Auction Management

Trained staff ready to respond to buyers questions
Staff scheduled inspection times for buyers
Provide security to ensure protection of assets
Staff the auction with licensed, qualified auctioneer and bid assistants familiar and experienced with the assets to be sold

Checkout and Accounting

Provide a list of qualified riggers to assist with the removal of machinery and equipment
Collect funds from bidders before removal of assets
Manage asset removal process
Provide staff to register all bidders and provide a computerized accounting to the client following the sale
Hold all funds in a Trust Account until distributed to the owner of the assets

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