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Auctions - Appraisals - Private Treaty Sales


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Over the years, Fine and Company principals and associates have worked the widest variety of real estate owners. We are very proud of our successes and what people have to have been of service.

A partial list of prior clients. Many of our clients wish to remain private and we respect that decision:

  • The Northern Trust Company
  • Exchange National Bank
  • LaSalle National Bank
  • Wells Fargo
  • Alcoa
  • Pritzker Real Estate
  • American Skiing Company
  • Intrawest
  • Illinois Port Authority
  • Hines Lumber
  • Lexington Homes


I acquired a twelve story North Michigan Avenue office building adjacent to Chicago's Millennium Park with the intent to redevelop it. I received a few inquiries to purchase the property rather than redeveloping it. Shortly thereafter while discussing this situation with Mike Fine, he suggested that selling the building at auction could achieve my financial goal without the years, expense and risk of rehabilitation. Mike and his team went to work to design a structured sale to meet our objectives and maximize price. The auction generated interest from around the country and the world. Mike led the team in a focused and professional manner. The excitement they created was beyond all of my expectations. Also beyond all of my expectations was the result. We couldn't have been more pleased with the result. We closed on the sale fifteen weeks following my first discussion with Mike about the property. I couldn't have been more pleased with the way the process was handled, or more pleased with the results.
--Michael Chioros, CCIM, Chioros Properties

Given the thinness of the market and the state of the economy we were amazed at the results of your program. The accelerated and intense marketing program generated a tremendous response on every front. You began by staging the property to help buyers see it in its best possible light. You produced front page news coverage in the local newspapers and a total of almost six hundred inquiries. Your company showed our home to forty-eight parties from all over the region. Today's recession and the real estate market overall caused us to rethink our perception of the price we would receive for our home, and your exhaustive marketing program not only produced the results of bidding for our home but convinced us that we had done everything possible to sell the house at the best possible price in today's market. When it came down to advising us and negotiating with those who bid, your experience and the relationship you developed with the potential buyers really paid off.
--Deb and Mike Pokel, homeowners

Up or down real estate cycle, Michael Fine produces effective marketing on a timely basis.
--M.L. Arthur, American Land, LLC

I have always been impressed with Michael Fine's knowledge in the industry, and professional approach to everything you are involved in, and have no doubt that you will lead Fine and Company to the top.
--Robert Mayo, Mayo Auction & Realty

American Skiing Company used Michael Fine and his team to handle the sales auction of its remaining unsold quarter-share units at the Grand Summit located at The Canyons Ski Resort in Park City, Utah. The event was the largest ever one-day auction of quarter-share condo-hotel held in state of Utah up until that time with over 100 units in the auction. Michael Fine approached this event in a very professional fashion with great attention to detail. The process from start-to-finish was run extremely well by Michael and his team resulting in a 100% sale of all inventory in the auction at a total price well above what was expected. It is fair to say that the overall success of this auction was due to the outstanding performance by Michael Fine and his team.
--Betsy Wallace, C.F.O. American Skiing Company

How to Represent a Buyer as a Buyer's Agent at Auction:

Buyer's Agents are embracing auctions as a means to expand their income opportunities. This is accomplished through a variety of methods that benefit their clients.

To qualify as a "Buyer's Agent" and earn handsome referral fees, a few simple steps must be followed:

Step One: Contact us to determine the referral fee offered for a particular auction as these fees can vary.

Step Two: Review the Terms of Sale for each particular auction under the section: Buyer Broker Participation. Terms may vary from auction to auction.

Step Three: Be a licensed real estate agent in the state in which the property is located, or if licensed in another state, comply with the licensing laws of the state in which the property is located.

Step Four: Abide by the National Association of REALTORSĀ® Code of Ethics.

Step Five: Register the client by certified mail, return receipt requested, on company stationery, which must be signed by both the buyer's agent and the client confirming the Buyer's Agency relationship.

Step Six: Ensure that the registration letter is received by Fine and Company before the Buyer contacts the Seller or auctioneer, and before any inspection of a property by the Buyer.

Step Seven: If licensed in the state where the property is located, inspect the property with the client during a scheduled property inspection.

Step Eight: If an open outcry auction, attend the auction with the client.

Assuming that you client is the highest bidder and the sale closes you will have earned a referral fee!

Refer a potential auction to NP SOLUTIONS and earn a referral fee!

Often vendors, customers and others realize that a business will be in need of our services and we are pleased to offer a referral fee for being introduced to a business opportunity of which we are not already aware.:

To discover how a referring relationship can benefit you, and the business you are referring, please contact us.

Phone - 312.278-0600

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.



Auctioneers Partnering

National Property Solutions provides real estate auction and consulting services to other auction companies who have opportunities to sell real estate at auction but require additional expertise due to location, complexity, or size of assignment.

If you have a potential assignment that is outside of your area of expertise either due to the type of real estate or the location of the real estate, we have the experience you need to provide your client a team approach and the finest level of service available in the industry.

Please give us a call or email us and let's see how we can work together and serve your client's best interest.


Partnering With NPSolutions

National Property Solutions provides asset disposition, appraisal services, consulting and operational support to other auction companies who have opportunities that may require additional expertise due to location, asset type, complexity, size or assignment or limited operational support available.

If you have a potential assignment that is outside of your area of expertise or simply require additional professional support for an assignment, we have the experienced team you need to provide your client a transparent team approach and the finest level of service available in the industry. You will be surprised at the locations throughout the country where we can provide local operational support and if we don't have a local team member we have support crews that can travel for extended periods to virtually anywhere.

Please give us a call or email us and let's see how we an work together and serve your client's best interests.

Phone – 312.287.0600



Specializing in open-outcry, online, and webcast auctions ensure the highest level of service, and transaction experience, creating an environment that sells all categories of assets quickly, efficiently, and at a price that reflects true market value.

With offices in Chicago, Dallas, and Houston, National Property Solutions specializes in asset-specific auction marketing. We have licensed auctioneers throughout the United States and provide both national and local clients wide-ranging depth of knowledge, decades of experience and commitment to every situation.

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